About Us

Mike Bello and Sandy BelloPhotography has always been a passion of Michael’s and after 25 years of experience as an amateur and professional wannabe, Michael and Sandy decided to open Bello’s Portraits in 2001. They work together as a team. Sandy handles the posing, background selection and clothing hints as well as sharing the administrative chores. Michael does most of the photography and is especially well known for his dramatic lighting.

Michael is a member of Professional Photographers of America and Bello’s Portraits is a member of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.  Being a member of PPA allows us to continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge in the art of photography. Bello’s Portraits is able to offer their clients a complete line of sizes, textures, finishes and mountings including canvases (both wrapped and traditional).

Bello’s Portraits offers satisfaction with our finished work or the client doesn’t pay.  The reputation of their work has led them to many beautiful sites, such as The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia, Lake Tahoe, California, the coast of North Carolina, the capitol in Charleston, West Virginia and the Allandale Mansion in Kingsport, Tennessee.  However there favorite place to work is still here in the Deep Creek Lake area and the beautiful mountains of western Maryland.

Bello’s Portraits is a totally digital operation, which greatly decreases turn-around time. Reprint orders are normally shipped back to our clients within two weeks after order with the finest in quality. We hope you will give Bello’s Portraits a try for your next big event whatever it may be, and let Bello’s Portraits create an“Image for your Life.”

Michael Bello, Owner